Who is brad arnold dating

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“We didn’t try people out,” Henderson says of replacement bassist Justin Biltonen. We knew Justin because he was the guitar player in a band that I worked with in my studio here in Nashville. He made all those decisions on his own, without any help from anybody else.

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“I’m incredibly thankful for a good family and a solid foundation,” he says, nodding. After a five-album run and a lifelong friendship, guitarist Matt Roberts’s exit was confirmed in May 2012, the guitarist citing health issues, the band describing it as “amicable”, and filling his shoes with former guitar tech Chet Roberts.But then he grabbed her and shoved her out of the way, so he could go after this guy. If I had a mic, I’d have stopped him too…” “I couldn’t stand by and let it happen,” picks up Arnold, who can be seen on You Tube shutting down the song and having the slugger ejected by security.“I’m glad that video cut off when it did, because I might have said a few more choice words. I believe a woman is equal to a man in every way, but nonetheless I just don’t believe a man should ever raise his hand to a woman.Arnold has described the album as a “labour of love”, and perhaps that’s more than a glib soundbite.The release marks a new chapter for the band, following a period that threatened to close the book on them.

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