Updating ubuntu using cd rom

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To keep your partition from overflowing, remember to delete extra files using program provides mechanisms for excluding files with names matching user-specified strings, this program is most useful when the objective is to download whole directory trees, rather than selected packages.

; this tool updates the system at regular intervals using a cron job.

By default it just updates the package list and downloads new packages, but without installing them.

Note: Automatic upgrade of packages is NOT recommended in reduces the bandwidth requirements of Debian mirrors by restricting the frequency of Packages, Releases and Sources file updates from the back end and only doing a single fetch for any file, independently of the actual request from the proxy.

Zsync is available in the universe repo all the way back to Karmic Koala.

So if you are currently using Ubuntu you can install zsync with the normal apt-get command.

Ubuntu 11.04 is finally here and you can’t wait to download it, but as is typical on any Ubuntu release day, the mirrors are crawling.

Luckily if you have an old Ubuntu you can update it easily with zsync.

Of course, you can get the same benefit if you are already using a standard caching proxy and all your systems are configured to use it.

Before Upgrading You need to remember the following point Take comple backup of your system before upgrading .

Now you need to upgraded Ubuntu Edgy Machine to Ubuntu Feisty.

Ubuntu live desktop (with installer) x86 and x86_64 You can also use zsync to change between Ubuntu distributions.

Use any of these links for the popular downloads of different Ubuntu flavors.

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