Updating our decor

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Consider using a shelf or two to display decorative accessories or photo frames.This small addition will add character and personality to an otherwise “boring” shelf of books…and it’s basically free!I’m a weirdo who enjoys treasure hunting for specific books. Give your bookshelves some “oomph” that reflects your personality!

If you missed my post yesterday about the 5 Simple Ways ebook, be sure to download your free copy!

It’s easy to get the cart before the horse and begin decorating before cleaning out and cleaning up.

Decorating is the fun part, but by decluttering old paperwork, donating items to the thrift store and selling unnecessary furniture, you will be able to decorate much more efficiently and you might even make a bit of money to fund your decorating update!

I just got tired of it and I really do like having to move fewer items when dusting.

I’m sure someone will mention that the books are turned backwards in the “after” photo.

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