Speed dating rugby

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When Sherlock links a recent spree of murder-suicides to a psychologist who specializes in marriage counseling, there's really only one thing to do: Go undercover as a couple in hopes of drawing the killer out.

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Online dating hasn't brought him any success - he feels it's a place where people get judged on their looks alone “my looks are probably going to make a lot of people hit the next person and go on to the next person”.Of course, being only a first-year, it's unlikely John will ever notice him.At least, until fate (and a little well-intentioned meddling) intervenes.Sherlock's a regular at a coffee shop near his lab, always coming in at the same time and ordering the same thing.That is, until they get a new barista: a fellow student with a penchant for latte art who will throw a not-entirely-unwelcome wrench into his routine. When John's leave request for Christmas is denied, Sherlock is nothing short of devastated, not that he's letting it show.

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