Sharepoint itemupdating event

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The first time the Item Updating and Item Updated events fire it is in response to the document properties changing.

The second time they fire it is in response to the document being checked in.

For one of the Event Receivers the requirement is to check that there are no related open items in another list.

This check may be long-running as I need to retrieve other items.

You just have to check to see if the vti_sourcecontrolcheckedoutby property on the item was cleared: will not.

This is not either issue with Share Point or issue with Custom Code.Although asynchronous events expose a SPItem Event Properties parameter named properties just like their synchronous counterparts, remember that the operation has already completed so you cannot modify anything in the properties parameter (well, you can, but it doesn’t do anything).Additionally, the properties parameter may not be populated with information that you would tend to expect to be present.This is my first post in 2013, here I just want to discuss about Event Receivers in Share Point 2010 (SPItem Event Receiver class) and an important factor with the Event Receivers.Let me start with “What is an Item Event Receiver”Item Event receivers in Microsoft Share Point 2010 enable your custom code to respond when specific actions occur on a Share Point List Item.

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