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Alejandra is the one from South Texas that will be top five this year, might be the only one. JUST AN ANALYSIS OF FAVORITES THAT HAVE COMPETED ALREADY!Things have changed at Miss USA and they will change at Texas this year. SURELY SEVERAL NEWBIES OR NFs WILL SLIDE IN THE TOP 15 BUT LIKE LAST YEAR, THERE WERE ONLY LIKE 3 SO NOT MANY.Alejandra will be top 5 for sure but after two no placements at Miss USA the Texas Team will be changing the game at Texas too. (NT) -- I only know of her, but will rush to anyone's defense if someone is starting to bash. Avery is stunning and height should not be a factor. A woman under 5'5 will NOT make the Miss USA top 15 stage, much less Universe! She is one of the very few competing who has the face of Miss Universe! This is the represenative Texas needs and I am positive that Gail can polish her to bring back the Miss USA crown to Texas. -- Lola, 08/15/17 pm National boards are saying that a girl by the name of Barbara turbay will be competing at Texas . They got it right (NT) -- Let support our new teen., 07/31/17 am Kirby was not robbed. Don't get me wrong, I haven't gone out of my way to find the formers, but I would like to see how she presents herself as a Miss.

I think it would be phenomenal to see a small town girl win. [ Post a Reply to This Message ]Oh I betting she'll be back!!!(NT) -- :/, 11/ 5/17 pm first of all I'm 20 years old and NOT a mother. [ Post a Reply to This Message ]Drake and Ludwig are the two main ones that come to mind. If it is true then drug testing will solve the issue. Not quite sure of her other participations but surely she did.YOU are using words like "deceiving people" or going "overboard" . She would NEVER do anything is make herself "almighty" or "special" . I feel they deserve to be up there, but last year they didn't make it all all and people are still hyping them up this year. (NT) -- :), 09/ 3/17 pm I can't even imagine that this is about any Texas contestants ! Rumors have been swirling for years about a few girls involved with this behavior. (NT) -- :), 09/ 3/17 pm Subject: Prayers for everyone in Texas who will be effected by major Hurricane Harvey this weekend. I'm wondering what the vibe will be like considering how Miss USA went down.Karlie (who won MTU shortly before Nancy won), Kirby, and the new winner next month!Subject: Texas Teen USA is right around the corner!

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