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Starting an online dating site will take a good deal of work and planning, but it can be a lucrative venture. Be very specific with your niche -- there is a great deal of competition among general dating sites.

It will be much harder for you to break in and make money if your site targets a large audience. Develop a business plan for your online dating service, including plans to generate site traffic; two-year expense budget; online and offline marketing and promotion strategies; analysis of competing sites within your niche. Register an assumed name, or doing business as, for your business, if necessary in your state.

But other than being disingenuous, these pages usually have something else in common: their primary tactic is social engineering, i.e., using basic human drives and emotions to trick a percentage of users into taking their desired action, often a click, so they can divert and potentially monetize the traffic.

Founded in 1998 the company group grew substantially, both organically and via acquisitions.Online dating sites make finding an activity partner or companion much easier, and in many ways safer as well.Daters can take as much time as they want to learn about each other and chat online before meeting in person, and some sites also offer background check services. For example, your site can cater to military service members, singles older than 40 or older women looking for younger men.To state the obvious, fake online dating is not a new concept.Emotions solicited by love, companionship, and romance are powerful tools for threat actors hoping to get people to forgo their better judgment and engage in risky online behaviors.

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