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Under the name of the Ust-Kamenogorsk Lock, the highest lock in the world lies at Ablaketka where it allows river traffic to pass around a hydroelectric dam on the Irtysh river. Since the opening of the Three Gorges locks in China, the upper lock of that five-lock cascade is theoretically on a par with this lock, but its full drop will be used only in extreme cases, while the Ust-Kamenogorsk lock is designed for permanent use at this height.

A new car plant owned jointly by Avto VAZ and Azia Avto, which will produce 120,000 cars a year, will be opened in 2016.

The company continues to develop seeking to have its stable position among the world's five lowest cost zinc producers.

Apart from zinc it produces on a large-scale lead, silver, copper, and many more.

The concentration of harmful substanes in the air is increasing each year because of the nature of the companies which are looking for increases in the production and profits.

As usual, the pollution is enhanced by the low quality of car fuels and increase in the number of cars.

Most of them are industrial firms, which work on mining and processing raw materials and mostly heavy metals.

The health effects of this incident are not entirely known, partly because the incident was kept secret by the Soviet authorities.

Kazakhs who have visited the city state it is highly polluted which has led to alarmingly high cancer rates (as of 2014).

3) Ulba metallurgical plant produces hi-tech uranium, beryllium and tantalum products for the needs of atomic engineering, electronics, metallurgical and other spheres of operation.

The company is among the leaders in production of their specific goods.

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