Jamaican dating scams

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Hey my name is Carl from Jamaica am a down to earth kind of guy. firstly,i know what im seeking n its not someone to waste my time..I am a family type of person and believes strongly in this. I believe in marriage believe in loyalty n I don't play around when I have feelings for someone... I like my own way but I can compromise if possible.

I understand there's a lot of scammers on this site nevertheless I'l Are you Ready?Like most hoax messages out there, the post is in all caps to denote real seriousness and asks that the message be passed on to friends and loved ones, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.Further investigation into the app reveals that claims of it tricking children into releasing private data is a sham; it’s no different from the apps that are currently available in the Apple Store.This particular scam can easily “scare” Facebook users who are already iffy about their privacy settings – all it is at first is a message that somebody posted, with of course the usual “please share so this issue gets resolved ASAP” appendage to it: It’s official. Otherwise, tomorrow all your documents can become public.Even those messages that you have deleted or photos that you have not authorized …… You’ve probably seen a variation of this message before.

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