Inter racial canada dating 0 dating ru

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3) Domestic violence is far more prevalent among mixed couples than among Whites. 4) White parents will often dis-own a child who enters into an inter-racial relationship. offspring and usually have large numbers of offspring, further polluting the White gene pool. Blacks have brains which exhibit primitive features such as small size, light weight.

This means that any offspring from such a union will always favor the Black parent, even if the Black parent is not a full-blooded Negro. Simpson-Nicole Brown marriage as evidence for this. points lower than Whites on every intelligence test ever given.

They did not want their civilization to decay and fall due to interbreeding with inferior racial stock!

Speaking the following languages: Arabic: Native English: Fluently German: Fluently Spanish: I am a very much easy going person, who like to travel, going for a coffee, and is looking for someone from the West Indies who, I can adopt to there life style easily. I am 5ft 2 inch My name is definitely, a Nigerian, am cool, loving and caring bt nt gentle wen it comes to bed matter. According to medical sources in 1996, one out of every 33 young Black males is infected with AIDS in comparison to one in 100 young males as a whole. The obvious implication here is that the White female who chooses a non-White mate drastically increases her chances of exposure to the dread HIV-AIDS plague and the hideous death that inevitably follows.Movies, television, magazines, newspapers, ministers and popular music all promote this new mixing of the bloods. 6) Inherited health problems of the Negro race, such as sickle-cell anemia, can be passed along to the mix-breed offspring of an interracial couple. It is believed that many who engage in mixed unions have profound emotional problems and/or are drug users.What is behind this great wave of interracial breeding? Often they seek to mock society's norms or are in rebellion against their parents. The hair was kinky with all the typical Negro facial features. He then quietly went to work to trace his wife's ancestors.

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