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An important reason why we study reproductive ageing is that these milestones impact reproductive outcomes and also broader health risks.Epidemiological studies show that individuals who go through puberty at younger ages have higher risks of many diseases of old age, such as diabetes, heart disease and breast cancer.There are broadly two approaches used to map such genes – studies of patients affected by rare disorders that affect puberty and large-scale population studies.The former is helpful because it can investigate gene variants that cause extremely early or delayed/absent puberty.We found 38 gene variants associated with the age of first sexual intercourse.The genes that we identified fall broadly into two groups.Similarly, first sexual intercourse at an earlier age is linked to a number of adverse behavioural, educational and health outcomes.

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The other group includes genes which play roles in brain development and personality.

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In previous research, we used population studies to survey a large number of individuals using questionnaires and then genome-wide association studies to scan these same participants for common genetic differences.

We could then assess whether the participants’ reported age at puberty was related to particular gene variants.

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