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Reading the Double Your Dating Review is important before buying this system.

Feeding his imbalance and heightening his rage were internet sites such as "The Pickup Artist," and other men's dating sites.

The purpose of these sites is to make getting a "girl"or a "bitch" to have sex with seem like a nearly impossible, failure-ridden game that insecure, imbalanced men need to spend money on CDs and DVDs to finally have a hope of bagging a babe.

While it is the most popular on the market you can't base your purchase on that fact alone.

The system is excellent though, I'm not going tell you it sucks just because it's popular.

Now we don't even have that, since he shut down his account due to someone taking money through his Facebook or something? Shortly after he closed his account, emailed me an article about something, I made the mistake of commenting on it, he took offense, feeling once again that I was condemning him instead of just expressing an opinion, and I realized that he is still living in a world of fear, anger, and anxiety and is looking for someone to blame.

I have no idea if he is still reading these pick-up artist sites, but if he is, he will go off again on someone.

Hell, I felt emasculated and angry just reading it, and I'm a woman!The truth is it is one of the first on the scene and was excellently marketed. It is a great product but really isn't the BEST out there.There are other lesser known products, such as the Tao of Badass, that I believe work better.This past weekend, a young man in California decided to go on a killing rampage because he felt that he needed revenge on the people who were popular, having sex, or depriving him of the sex that he was entitled to.He was obviously imbalanced and in need of help, which his family, much to their horror, was not able to get for him in time.

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